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Lovely Lady Lions

The Haliburton & District Lady Lions started in 2017 and grew out of desire to have the Haliburton Lady Lions meet on the 3rd monday of the month to enjoy fellowship and friendship. It has strengthed our bonds and also provides an avenue for service as each Lady Lion who participates at the monthly event  donates $2.00. This collection of money is donated in June to a local not-for-profit organization in our community.

 Lions have fun and provide service at the same time.

January 19, 2019

Lion Linda Heeps' House

February 18, 2019

Lion Betty Mills' House

Lion Betty entertaining the Lovely Lion Ladies

March 18, 2019

Lion Mary Lawr's House

Sadly no photos were taken

April 15, 2019

Lion Marilyn Frost's House

August 19, 2019

Lion Maureen Cook's event

October 21, 2019

Lion Pat Howlett's event at Maple Avenue

December 16, 2019

Lion Tina Hadley's Christmas Event and draw for our Annual Donation to a local Not For Profit organization.

This year's winner is Woodland Wildlife Sanctuary who will receive a donation of $710.00 from the

Haliburton Lions Lovely Lady Lions

FEBRUARY 16, 2020

Lion Marilyn Frost House

JUNE 15, 2020

Lion Gail Stelter's House

July 20, 2020

Lion Jane vanNood's House

October 19, 2020

Lion Betty Mills House

October 18, 2021
Lion Gail Stelter's house

May 16, 2022
Lion Betty Mills house

Lion Tina Hadley displays the correct method of eating a French Macaron

January 30, 2023
Lion Tina Hadley's house

Tina Hadley poem January 30, 2023.gif
We had a draw to see which local Not for Profit would receive our monthly $2.00 free to participate in the Lovely Ladies Lions event.

The Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary will receive a donation of $245.00 from the Haliburton Lovely Lady Lions Group

March 20, 2023
Lion Michelle Perrone's house

The group was small but the fun was huge

LLL 15 anniversary.jpg

JUNE 17, 2024
Lion Gail Stelter's house

Poem by Lion Tina Hadley

tina poem for LLL on June 17 2024.png

Click on the slide show photo and it will open up to a large slide presentation show

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