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I was over at The Enchanted Forest in Abbey Gardens this week and it is just so special. I can hardly wait for it to once again be open to children and families. COVID-19 is preventing this for the time being but the good news is that we now have more time to gather, purchase, and engage our Lions and our community to help us to outfit this wonderful play area.

My list is pretty much the same as my last update so we need to get moving on the following items for the Loose Play Area:

· Construction tools – child size – wood or plastic

· Garden Tools – child size – wood or plastic or metal

· Durable Tonka Construction Toys / Vehicles

And, let’s add a couple more:

· 4 to 6 milk crates

· Small / crushed white stone – This stone will be used to line the path to the Fairy Garden and also at the Wishing Well. I think we may need some community partners / local businesses / individual donations to help with this one. Perhaps we can pay or partially pay for the stone and a donation could be free delivery. We are thinking that three to four tons of white stone would do it. Yes, it’s a big item but we are so positive that, with your help, it too will become a “done deal”!

Every now and then, we are presented with the opportunity to right a wrong. After vandalism took its toll at The Enchanted Forest last fall, we were given this opportunity and we all are enjoying this Lions service project! Please continue to contact me if you can help: Lion Gail at or phone / text 705 455 2772.


Delivery Day! Oh what fun it has been to collect and purchase items for the Enchanted Forest at Abbey Garden; that as you probably know, was the victim of vandalism last fall. We have completed our commitment of outfitting The Bog Bakery Café and The Theatre in the Woods and also collected a few additional items for The Nest and Harmony Hollow. Thank you to all who have contributed and made this project such a success! It really is fun to be a Haliburton Lion!

It has been so much fun that we don’t want to stop. Many more items are needed and now I have a new list for all of us to work on. And, by all of us, I mean you too! What an amazing community that steps up to support our service projects and this incredible children’s outdoor play area.

First, here are the items we delivered on Friday, June 26th with pictures of happy Haliburton Lions: Betty and David Mills, Tina and Gerald Hadley, Marilyn Frost and Braid Tait and me, Gail Stelter; and, of course, Abbey Gardens CEO, Heather Reid and Education Coordinator, Irene Heaven.

June 26, 2020

Bog Bakery & Café

- Dial telephone

- Three wooden window frames

- Five sets of cutlery

- Three sets of salt and pepper shakers

- Bread box

- Wooden Play Kitchen

- Metal Cart

Theatre in the Woods

- Sixteen Puppets

- Five waterproof bags

-One Knight’s Costume

- Two Crowns

-Several hats

Harmony Hollow

- Chimes

- Wooden Checker Board with wooden checkers

-Wooden Game Box with six different plastic game pieces

- Four Painted Rocks Tic Tac Toe Games:

Fruit & Veg Bees & Ladybugs Minions & Owls Penguins & Pizza Each game comes in a burlap bag that has the tic tac toe squares on it.

- Wooden ABC Blocks

Now, what’s next? Our Haliburton Lions Enchanted Forest Service Project Committee and all our Lions Club Members are on the hunt for items for the

“loose part play area”

· Construction tools – child size – wood or plastic

· Garden Tools – child size – wood or plastic or metal

· Durable Tonka Construction Toys / Vehicles

And, there will be more to come! As always, please contact me should you be able to help. Lion Gail at 705-457-2720 or text 705-455-2772


We did it! We did it with lots of help! Your help! Thank You!

We have gathered, purchased and received donations. It has been such a great service project as we worked to assist Abbey Gardens to refit The Enchanted Forest which, as you know, suffered damage due to vandalism last fall. We now have everything that we made a commitment to provide for The Enchanted Forest Bog Bakery and Café and the Theatre in the Woods, as well as a few extra items for The Hollow and The Nest.

Do I still need items? No and yes. I mean, we have everything but we could use a couple of more children’s costumes so let me know if you can help. And, there are still many areas and items on the original Abbey Gardens list. We will keep our eyes open and keep you up to date!

So many shout outs!

Thank you to Haliburton residents and Haliburton Lions who came forward to help and donate. We were able to purchase the children’s wooden kitchen and have it picked up in Pelham ON. We were able to get the shelving unit thanks to the response of listener on Canoe FM. We were able to find the perfect puppet chest. The shout out list goes on and I will reach out individually to each person who helped to express our thanks!

Check back here for pictures and more when we deliver of our items to The Enchanted Forest.

Lion Gail

705-457-2720 or 705-455-2772

P.O. Box 457
     Haliburton, ON  K0M 1S0 

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