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Lion Jack joined the Haliburton and District Lions Club on January 1, 2000. He was just shy of 23 years of continued service to the community. During his time with the club, he served terms as Director, Membership Chairperson and one term as Club President. With Lion Jack there was always some baggage to consider….and this was a good thing. His success in membership can be attributed to the fact that there are currently 8 members of his family as Haliburton Lions. At one time it was 10. Lion Jack was a dog lover right to the end and so his association with the Lions Foundation of Dog Guides was a given. He volunteered his time with our annual Dog Walk/Yard Sale/Bake Sale/Plant Sale. On his own, he forged a partnership with a resort community called Marcus Beach, where he would regularly go down and collect all their liquor bottles and beer cans, take them home to sort and pack them and then deliver them to the depot for cash. And, of course, he took off all the pull tabs. Not many know, but his granddaughter who works at a Beer Store, also collects pull tabs for us. All funds were designated for the Dog Guide Program. Our club is now challenged to keep that program going. If there is a Lions Club in the hereafter, I know Lion Jack is already a member and he’s probably having a barking good time.

Planting of Red Maple at the Lions Foundation of Canada, Memorial Forest, Breslau, Ontario on June 11, 2023

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