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Haliburton Lions' Enchanted Forest Service Project Blog June 11th

Enchanted Forest Service Project Bog June 11th

Hello. Here I am back again to bring you up to date and to, once again, ask for your assistance. As you know, The Haliburton and District Lions Club is helping to refurbish The Enchanted Forest at Abbey Gardens. This delightful children’s play area is getting new life after vandalism that took place last fall.

This week I would like to tell you a little story. I am in a new world and it has its own language. It is the world on buy and sell and marketplace sites. I am looking to purchase a wooden children's play kitchen for The Enchanted Forest. I was pleased to find a good one in Peterborough. Close I thought. This is good! So, I told the seller I would buy it on behalf of the Haliburton and District Lions Club. Her reply was, “sppu”. What? I had to admit to her I had no idea what she was saying. It seems "sppu" means "sold, pending pick up". I have spent so much time on these sites my eyes hurt and I am sure I need new glasses! So today I found four more possibilities. They are all in the price range but the locations could be problematic: Toronto, South Stormount, Ottawa and Pelham. I am confident that at any given time there will be three or four possibilities. So, what I need your help with is pick up. Are any of you going to be in these locations in the next week or two and can pick one up? Do you know anyone who might be able to help us?

So, putting that aside for now, let’s move on to other items.

· We need 5 waterproof bags that will hold puppets. Any ideas? Originally I was thinking something along the lines of a lined swim bag with a zipper. Now I am thinking how about really big zip lock bags (if such a thing exists) or the bags that hold linens and bedding. Help. Do you have anything like this?

· We need a wooden box with a lid. I think any crate might work and we could make a lid. It is also going to be used to hold the puppets.

· We also need capes that children can use for play; superhero capes, plain capes…whatever you have.

· We also need three pairs of gloves.

There are more things on the list but I hope we can concentrate on the items I have included in this week’s update. Please contact me, Lion Gail Stelter if you can help or have any ideas or suggestions.

Thank you

705 457-2720 or 705 455-2772



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