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The Enchanted Forest Service Project – Blog June 18th

We did it! We did it with lots of help! Your help! Thank You!

We have gathered, purchased and received donations. It has been such a great service project as we worked to assist Abbey Gardens to refit The Enchanted Forest which, as you know, suffered damage due to vandalism last fall. We now have everything that we made a commitment to provide for The Enchanted Forest Bog Bakery and Café and the Theatre in the Woods, as well as a few extra items for The Hollow and The Nest.

Do I still need items? No and yes. I mean, we have everything but we could use a couple of more children’s costumes so let me know if you can help. And, there are still many areas and items on the original Abbey Gardens list. We will keep our eyes open and keep you up to date!

So many shout outs!

Thank you to Haliburton residents and Haliburton Lions who came forward to help and donate. We were able to purchase the children’s wooden kitchen and have it picked up in Pelham ON. We were able to get the shelving unit thanks to the response of listener on Canoe FM. We were able to find the perfect puppet chest. The shout out list goes on and I will reach out individually to each person who helped to express our thanks!

Check back here for pictures and more when we deliver of our items to The Enchanted Forest.

Lion Gail

705-457-2720 or 705-455-2772



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