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The Haliburton Lions Club Helps Abbey Gardens to Outfit The Enchanted Forest ~ Update May 27th, 2020

Some of you will remember that this children’s play area was vandalized in the fall. We are excited to be one of several groups helping to bring it back better than ever!

Here are a few of the items we are currently looking for. There will be more, and we will regularly update this post.

Bog Bakery & Café

· 1 old toaster oven (no glass or sharp edges) or a wooden pretend toaster oven

· Constructed pretend wooden oven

· Constructed pretend wooden refrigerator

· Shelving units

Theatre in the Woods

· Hand puppets

· Waterproof bags (5)

· Costumes (2 different capes, 3 different pairs of gloves, 2 different tiaras and or crowns

· Other easy accessories that don’t involve putting on head or face

· Wooden box with a lid for the puppets

The Nest

· Board Games ( wooden preferred)

If you have any of these items and are interested in donating them to us to give to The Enchanted Forest, please message us on Facebook or phone Lion Gail at 705-457-2720 or text 705-455-2772. Thank you!

We Serve!



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